Why Do I?

Why do I blog?

Why do I read all these Christian books?

Why do I do ministry work?

Why do I work to develop good character?

Why do I attend retreats and conferences?

Why do I go to church?

Why do I pray?

Why do I worship?

Why do I have higher moral standards?

Just why… ?

These are just a few of the questions I ask myself from time to time. Honestly, whenever I’m doing something, a questions appears aksing me just why do I do the things I do? There has to be more to it than habit.

Sometimes I do things for so long I forget the reason why I even began to do it. For example, I love reading Christian books. Whether they’re fiction, non-fiction, or instructional books, I read them all. But many times I’ve forgotten just why I even began to read them in the first place. What drew me to them anyway?

Maybe because I want to grow in my walk with God and be inpired by His work and revelation in other believers’ lives.

Another example are my moral standards. Why don’t I date? Why do I refrain from inappropriate relationships with the opposite sex? Why do I try to refrain from vulgar language and jokes?

Maybe because I want to reserve my all for God, and consequentially for my future spouse. Maybe I want to spend the years I’m supposed to be single pursuing the Lord and giving Him all the affection I can muster. Maybe because I don’t want to be seen and called a normal teen, but instead be an example to others in love, faith, and purity.

Why do I blog anyway? Surely there must be something more to life than sitting at a computer typing up a bunch of articles that don’t even make sense to the Bible-illiterate. There must be more to life than even writing anything at all.

Maybe I write because I enjoy it. Maybe I blog in order to share with others what God has shown me.

Just maybe… I want to reach out to the lost.

Just maybe… I want to see other believers grow in their relationship with Christ.

Just maybe… I want to store up treasures in Heaven.

Just maybe… I do this all for God because He did it all for me.


3 thoughts on “Why Do I?

  1. Good guestion to ask ourselves. I know for me it’s important to remember why I teach teens at church or blog or read books as well…I’ll get so caught up in doing those things I forget why I do them in the first place and sometimes lose my passion and motivation to continue. Thanks for the post!

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