Thriving at College – Alex Chediak

If there is any book that every college or college-bound student should read, it’s Thriving at College by Alex Chediak. This thick book isn’t fat because of big text; it’s fat because it needs to house all the profound wisdom, advice, stories, examples, and discussion questions found between its covers.

The moment I opened my package to pull out my copy, I was surprised at its length. I wondered why it would be so long, until I looked at the table of contents. Then it all seemed logical that all this information requires a large volume. Alex takes the reader step by step through the college process, from choosing a major to planning your social life, and of course all the technicalities in between. He offers scriptural guidance, testimonies, stories, examples, and anecdotes to prove his point: that college can be the best four years of your life, if you so choose to make it that way. It is also the best time to keep your faith, contrary to the horrifying rising rates of Christians leaving their faith in college. It teaches you not only to survive, but also to thrive. Now that’s one big attribute that makes it stand out from all those other “college survival” books.

Endorsed by many well-known authors such as Alex & Brett Harris (Do Hard Things), Jerry Bridges (The Pursuit of Holiness), Tedd Tripp (Shepherding a Child’s Heart), and Randy Alcorn (Heaven), this book deserves all the acclaim and praise it did. I’m already recommending this books to a few high school seniors I know, and strongly encouraging them to get a copy. And of course, if you are also a high school senior or a college student, you should buy or borrow a copy as soon as possible. Thriving at College is just too awesome a resource (and blessing!) to miss.

Click on the picture to buy Thriving at College from when it comes out on April 15, 2011!

I received a free copy of this book from Tyndale House Publishers in exchange for my honest review.


4 thoughts on “Thriving at College – Alex Chediak

  1. I saw where the president of the seminary my dad went to reviewed it, it looks like a good book. I’ll have to check it out eventually. 🙂 How is Lent going for you??

  2. Yeah, it is. But I think it is good for us… makes us examine and think. I’ve enjoyed the time I have to read and find other blogs and study. I’m fasting from Facebook… I miss it some days but it’s alright. 😛

    Hope your adventure in Lent, even though it is tough, is a growing period.

    Fellow Rebelutionary,

    I like these two verses and think they go along with this sort of thing…
    1 Timothy 6:11 & 12 … I like the ‘fight the good fight of the faith’ part
    and 1 Timothy 4:10 🙂

    • Facebook is a popular fasting item. xP

      I’m having more opportunities to grow by meditating on God’s word and actually thinking through the Gospel. It’s been such a blessing. 😛

      In Christ,

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