Heartening Words

“Hide God’s Word in your heart.”

This single phrase is one of the most popular among Christians and the Church today, and for a good reason. Not too many people know the true value of the Word of God, for if they did, they would be cramming as much of it as possible into their minds.

One thing a person must know is that the Bible is no mere book. Yeah, jabba jabba habba. You’ve probably heard messages on the importance of the Bible a million times. But have you stopped and really thought about the power of God’s Word? How it governs whole nations, brings hope to the hopeless, impacts thousands through different messages, and drives demons away? How desperate some Christians are to read just one or two pages of the Scriptures in their own language that they travel hundreds of miles on foot just to get a copy? How other Christians risk their lives to bring God’s Word to restricted areas? How imprisoned Christians can only rely on the Bible passages they’ve memorized to learn more about their Lord, for they may never gain access to a Bible ever again – or at all?

The Bible is a privilege. Here in the U.S. you can buy Bibles for less than a dollar… where in other nations some give their lives to provide Bibles for others. Just what is in this Word that compels people to take such great measures to obtain it? Maybe because the Word is like a refreshing drink of water after years spent in the desert. I believe that many Christians, since they are regularly exposed to the Word of God, have become somewhat desensitized to the power of God’s Word. We take its accessibility for granted, and depreciate how important it is to the daily Christian life. What we really need is a new perspective on the value of the Word of God… and why it is important to hide it away in our hearts.

Bible memorization is key in understanding the Word. When we hide God’s Word in our hearts, we are allowing its power to work in our lives. The Word is a living creature that encompasses the souls of people and points them in God’s direction.  It was there since the beginning of time and governs everything we say and do, being God’s written law to us. Through meditation it helps our picture of God to become stronger and clearer. In the face of sin and temptation it is a lethal weapon, as well as a shield against the enemy’s lies. It guides us towards God, governs what we say and do, and provides rules for us to follow so that we don’t stray off the path of life. There are so many layers in the Scriptures; you can never fully comprehend them all. And that’s reflecting who God is. Man’s mind can never fully understand God, but they can know Him in part, and the same goes for His Word. There is always something new to learn. Why else are dozens of books on the Bible being published every year?

Think of the persecuted Christians in the world. Most have limited or no access to a Bible, relying on scraps of paper with Bible passages or people who have memorized portions of the Scriptures to hear or read the Word. They crave for more of the Word, but sadly cannot obtain it most of the time. We are given the privilege to read God’s Word every day, and yet we leave it for another time. How ignorant can we get? If the Word was to be removed from our lives, the World would be in chaos. There will be no morality and no order, for where would these laws come from?

I hope you have all had those times where you desperately needed the Word of God. Maybe when you were struck with a sudden opportunity to share the Gospel. Maybe when a hurting friend could have used some comforting words and promises. Maybe when you were trying to live for God but just couldn’t recall those passages on whatever you were struggling with. Whatever the case, think of those incidents. How awesome would it have been for you to have God’s Word at the tip of your tongue, ready to dispense at a minute’s notice? Your life will be profoundly different, your morals strengthened, and your impact on other people lasting. In my personal experience, I find that delving deep into God’s word, memorizing and meditating on it, gives me unspeakable joy. I laugh and smile to the point that some think me crazy, but hey, the joy of the Lord is undeniable! His Word is compelling me to glorify God’s name; how can I sit still and stew in anger and dissatisfaction with the world?

We should approach the Word all the time with that same mentality, with joy in finding out new truths and promises. Meditating on God’s Word will help us uncover layers after layers of these truths. Hiding God’s Word in your heart is not meant to be cliché. The Word is so wonderful, so powerful, that it will be a welcome ally in times of trouble and need. That’s why every believer should take every opportunity possible to create a storehouse of Scripture in their hearts, easily accessible at any place and at any time.


4 thoughts on “Heartening Words

  1. Amen, brother!! Thank you for this great reminder of how precious God’s Word is. It is so easy to take it for granted in this land of the free that we live in.

  2. I second that amen. This is an excellent post and you are a great writer. It is convicting to think about… we have the freedom to read it whenever and mostly wherever and yet, we put it off and ignore it when there are men and women who die over the Bible. Thanks for posting!


  3. I know what you mean by ‘the joy of the LORD’ I have had a couple of raised eyebrows in my direction before!
    This is actually something I am struggling with at the moment, making sure I get some of the Bible everyday and keeping it in awe, and perhaps a holy place in my mind.


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