Breaking for Lent

I’ve noticed that blogging has become somewhat time-consuming as well as energy-draining for me these past few months.

I also found out today that Lent has begun.

Therefore, I’ve decided to take a break from Revine until Saturday, April 23. Lent lasts 43 days, starting from today: Wednesday, March 9.

This season I will spend more time building my personal relationship with God. Without having to worry about what to do for Revine, I can actually have more time apply the truths I’ve learned from writing all these articles. I can also rest and formulate new articles to write for Revine once I get back.

Also, you may notice a long list of books on my Updates page that I need to review. I will be taking some time to review these books, and I might be posting some of the reviews periodically during this season so that I keep up with the review deadlines. However, I will not be posting anything in addition to these reviews.

So for now, I will be going on hiatus. I hope that you also can give something up this Lent season, and instead spend more time with your Creator and Savior. It will be a time well spent. =D

Check back periodically for the book reviews, or come back on April 23 to read the new articles. =) Also, you can flip through my Archives (found under the Storehouse section of my sidebar) and read the posts you’ve missed or haven’t seen before.

See you soon!

In Christ,



6 thoughts on “Breaking for Lent

  1. Your posts will be missed but I will pray that this time will be a blessing! I’ve never done Lent but am this year and am excited to see what God will teach me. Blessings!


  2. I’ll miss your posts Kyle, but thanks for the challenge, what can I give up? I hope you have a wonderful time this Lent and grow closer to your Creator!


    • I signed up for a wonderful Lent devotional that is emailed to me every day. =) It’s awesome and encouraging.

      Thank you for the award! It’s definitely an unexpected surprise. I’ll pass it on when I get the chance. =)

      In Christ,

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