The Shelter of God’s Promises – Sheila Walsh

In times of trouble and need, all we can really hold on to is God’s faithfulness. We know He is faithful because He always keeps His promises, though sometimes not in the way or at the time we expected. But we know the promises He has given us because they are written down and recorded in His Word.

In The Shelter of God’s Promises, Women of Faith speaker Sheila Walsh shares ten foundational promises of God that we can all head back to in times of need. She lists these promises from the Bible, and explains what each one means to us. Easy to read and relatively short, it is a powerful book that will change your perspective of God’s faithfulness, and strengthen your faith in His plan for your life. We all need some encouragement during the low points of our lives and this book will be an excellent resource to reach for whenever you find yourself in that draining pit.

I received a free review copy of this book from BookSneeze, and was in no way obligated to write a positive review.


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