Generation EX-Christian – Drew Dyck

Hundreds, if not thousands, of Christians are running (not walking!) away from their faith each year. They leave for many different reasons, based on their experiences with God and other believers. What are these reasons, and what can we do to lead them back?

In Generation EX-Christian, Drew Dyck analyzes people who leave the faith and categorize them into 6 major groups: Recoilers, Drifters, Rebels, Neo-Pagans, Postmodernists, and Modernists. After familiarizing you with these groups, their characteristics, and possible reasons as to why they left, Drew also gives examples of what a typical person from their respective group looks like. He then gives you practical advice on how to bring them back to the light.

I personally know some people who have left the faith, and found this book valuable in identifying possible reasons of why they left. Knowing these facts helps me pull together a version of the Gospel tailored just for them. It also helps me know what to say and what not to say to them in conversations.

Overall, Generation EX-Christian is an easy to read book, with little ambiguity except for some big words I had to look up. It is an excellent resource for ministry and youth group leaders, church members, parents, friends, pastors, and just about anyone who wants to help bring God’s lost sheep back to their Shepherd.


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