The Old Lifestyle – Part II

Soon after their marriage, Zebu and Oki were the proud parents of many little piranhas. gladly went out to hunt every day to bring back good food for his spawn. Oki spent her days taking the piranhas to visit with her friends and their little piranhas. They could not be happier.

Then one day, everything fell apart. Zebu no longer brought back good food for the children. He complained about being too tired and full to get anything but small, measly insects. And it was true, for Oki noticed he ate less and less as the days went by. She also noticed that slowly but constantly, many of her friends were disappearing. But news was always late because her friends’ families will have moved to a different part of the river before the news reached her ears. The children were constantly exposed to their parents arguing, fighting, and having disagreements. Seeing so many of their friends disappear didn’t help either. Life for the family grew worse and worse.

During one of their silent treatments, Oki found what seemed to be part of her friend Kiap’s favorite Canal dress. Soon she also found Mila’s designer shoes. Instantly suspicious of these articles lying around in her territory, she went to look for Zebu. She found him among a bed of aquatic vegetation, busy with something. When she approached, he whirled around quickly.

Holding out the clothes, she confronted him about them. Zebu became angry and defensive, claiming that he had nothing to do with them, and that maybe they washed up from somewhere else. “It could be that they misplaced it,” he exclaimed defensively, “or you borrowed it from them a long time ago and forgot to return it.”

“Don’t be ridiculous. These are THEIR possessions. I haven’t borrowed anything from anyone since I was single! Besides, they’ve disappeared long ago, so wouldn’t I remember their stuff?”

“Well I don’t care. That’s YOUR problem. Now go away and give a guy some privacy, will you?”

Zebu began pushing Oki away, but as he lowered his head to apply the force, she glimpsed a familiar object behind him. Shoving him away with all her strength, she swam towards the object.

What she saw made her freeze in complete horror. There, lying partially hidden by the vegetation, were the remains of her old friend Ova.


10 thoughts on “The Old Lifestyle – Part II

  1. Whoa…okay part one made me seriously laugh. I mean, Piranhas? But this is depressing and I think I have an idea of where you are going with it. *tears* Oh, this is so creative. I love it. Do post the rest.

  2. The next part will be out in 2 days. =)

    Strange combination, isn’t it? Funny and then depressing… however I picked Piranhas for a special reason. See if you can guess the moral of the story when it’s done. 😛

  3. Yeah! It really is a strange combination, but I like it. Okay. I shall be looking so I can make an educated guess. I don’t have to have a lot of knowledge on Piranhas to know or anything do I? All I know about them is that they have big teeth and will eat you if you step in their waters.

  4. I can’t wait to read the rest… still a wee bit unsure of where you’re going with it but I am intrigued! 🙂

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