The Old Lifestyle – Part I

In a river deep in the Amazon forest there lived a large school of piranha. It was common among the male piranhas to fight for a mate or kill weaker piranhas to eat, as many craved the flesh of their own species. It was a gruesome lifestyle followed by many of the males, and Zebu was no exception.

One day, as Zebu was hunting for his favorite meal – weak, female piranhas – he came across the most beautiful piranha he had ever seen. His eyes grew big, and his heart beat so fast and hard that his chest stretched out every time his heart beat. All of a sudden, nothing was in the world but this one piranha girl.

As he stood staring, the female piranha, whose name is Oki, noticed the handsome piranha looking in her direction. She too, instantly fell in love. She swam towards him and the two started a conversation that took up the rest of the day.


In a few days, the two got married. All of their friends and family attended the ceremony. Oki was well versed in the ways of the piranha, especially in males killing and consuming females. So she took this opportunity to make Zebu take an oath.

In a loud voice she asked, “Zebu, before we are married, will you promise not to follow your old lifestyle of hunting?”

This was putting it at its easiest. Everyone knew what the ‘old lifestyle of hunting’ was, and of course understood. It was hard for him to make a change right on the spot, as he hunted in the old way up to the time he met Oki, but he gave her his promise.

“I love you, Oki, I really do.” He whispered in her ear after everyone started to cheer.


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