Journaling: Struggles

Journaling your struggles provides you with a record of your progress in specific areas. Often you may feel discouraged about not succeeding in your fight against temptation, but if you write down the times when you experienced success, it can help release you from constant frustration.

Let’s say you struggle with your temper. You are very easily provoked and often instigate arguments from the smallest conflict. You know this is wrong, and you are trying to exercise anger management. After a while, you began to notice that you’re not easily angered anymore! Your success gives you even more motivation to keep going.

But one day you blew it. You’ve hurt a lot of people with your outburst, and everything seems to be a mess. You keep getting angry at almost everything after that, and you don’t know how you’re ever going to get back on track. Now would be a great time to turn back to those days of success and see your slow but steady growth to peace. Hey, you did it before; why not do it again? It will take some time, but you know you will succeed!

I’ve done this with many of my personal struggles, and it is always so encouraging to go back and see those days where I was able to overcome temptation. I also add information on my struggle so I can have a library of battle strategies. It sure comes in handy!

So in this exercise, write down a couple of your struggles, and pick 1 or 2 to work on. As time goes on, work on succeeding in your fight against it, and write down how you got there, what resources you used, and how you feel about succeeding. It might take a long time, but success is all worth it. Take it from someone who’s been there and done that.

At times of discouragement and frustration, flip back to your success days and give your spirit a boost. You can do it!


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