Journaling: Goals

Journaling provides opportunities for you to set goals… and later review whether if it is completed or well on its way. It’s amazing when I look back in my journals and see all the goals I had throughout the years. Even more amazing is the fact that all the goals according to God’s plans for me came to fruit… and all the ones that aren’t never even begun.

Try this exercise: list out what goals you have and how you plan to achieve them. They can be academical, spiritual, physical, or life goals. But list them out, then consider if they are in line with what you believe is God’s plan for your life. Make both short and long term goals. Some of mine included establishing daily devotions, play basketball, and get better grades in math.

As time passes, go back and review your goals. What happened to them? Have you started on them? Are they in progress? Are they completed? Setting these goals let you understand what God wants to do in your life. The goals you achieve are most likely part of God’s plans for you. The ones that don’t progress mean that God probably thinks you’re not ready, it’s not time yet, or no — the goal isn’t for you.

I really enjoy doing this activity from time to time. I probably have a new goal every week… and pretty soon I can see whether or not God wants to bring that goal to completion or not. It helps me grow in faith and trust in the Lord in doing what He wants, when he wants, in my life.

I hope you will see these results in your own life as you journal out your goals. ^_^


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