Basis for Faith

Having been a real believer for 3 years and grown up in church my whole life, it’s not hard for me to fall into certain traps. As I mature in my faith and gain deeper understanding of God’s Word and His plans for my life, I often forget the basis for why I believe what I believe, why I do the things I do, why I have standards set up for myself, and why I participate in Christian activities. I believe this is a common problem among many believers. God’s greatest and only commandment is to love Him and the second is to love others. It can be placed so simply, and it sums up the whole 10 commandments. The first four describe in more detail how we can love and honor God — by setting a day a week aside for Him, to not swear using His name, not to have any gods besides Him, and not worship anything you made. The last 6 describe how you can love others — honoring your parents, not murdering, not participating in immorality, not stealing, not coveting, and not lying.

This is such a simple truth, yet has so many layers. In serving in my church’s Vacation Bible School Program, I have learned that there is such a difference between a child and a teen or adult’s faith. The children learn truths that they apply in their lives, which is much simpler than ours. But the truths are the same for us. We have just delved deeper into more understanding of truths such as salvation, God’s love, and His plans and will for mankind and every individual.

Why not spend some time reviewing some children’s songs, poems, rhymes, Bible translations, and biblical curriculum and return to a child-like faith. One that listens to those in authority, to do good instead of evil, and learn to love others as you want them to love you? I believe helping in children’s ministry will be greatly beneficial in recalling the basis of your faith. In the one week I have served and listened to the teachers instruct the children, I have probably learned more than 1 month. I went back to my childhood in my mind, dancing during Singspiration, and recalling the basics of my faith, being motivated to obey my authorities as a child would, to unconditionally trust in their plans, in God’s plans and love, and the simple truth of salvation — believing in Jesus, repenting of your sin, and letting God into your life and pursue a life of service to Him.


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