Journaling: Response to Reading

When I read a book concerning my spiritual growth, I like to have my journal open for me to take notes. After encountering a subject or topic that really sticks out to me, I stop and take time to think through what I have read and learned. It proves helpful in documenting my spiritual education and knowledge. If I can’t remember what book or article I read something, but know the time frame when I read it, I can flip open one of my journals and locate the response.

Recording fundamental truths I learned from the book allows me to take the lessons with me without lugging the book around with me. In later entries I can reflect on what I read as well. I do this with all Christian books, especially my Bible. Here are a few questions I ask:

#1 What sticks out to me?

#2 What can I learn from it?

#3 What does it mean to me?

#4 Have I learned this in a different context, perspective, or source?

#5 If so, what are the differences and similarities?

#6 How can I apply it?

I usually go through these steps in the order listed, and find it powerfully effective in applying it into my life and adding to my knowledge database.


What Do You Think?

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