As I Grow

As my attitude
Changes like fall-endorsed leaves
From green to yellow;

As my self-esteem
Dries up like summer-burned grass
Once touched by the rays;

As my purity
Dissolves like the spring-licked snow
When broke by the shoots;

As my own conscience
Turns cold like snow-buffered air
While flakes fall and glide;

I feel so alone—
Prostrate, cold, without a call;
An unknown creature

I cry and I mourn,
Fill up with anger and strife;
Shouting and cursing

But then I noticed:
Good could be Bad’s aftermath,
Like peace follows war

As the leaves fall off
To grow sweet new blossoms, so
Behavior resumes;

As summer brings out
Vacation and no homework,
Esteem resurrects;

As snow melts away
And waters the new plants, so
I learn from mistakes;

As the sun shines through
And fills the air with great warmth,
I know right and wrong;

I am filled with peace,
Delight, kindness, love, patience,
Self-control, goodness

Gentleness and faith—
Not to mention gratefulness;
Fruits of the Spirit

Finally I have—
A place in society—
All my own to hold

Friendships develop;
People are conformed both ways
As I grow…mature


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