Journaling: Memories

Journaling is all about recording. Whether thoughts or events, you are writing it all down on paper. Thus, your journal is a collection of memories.

While recording my everyday thoughts and events, I sometimes like to dig years back and recall some of my favorite memories. When a particular stimulus causes me to remember something, I grab my journal and write it down. Sometimes if I don’t write it down, I forget it for either a long time or for good. So to be safe, I write it down as quickly and clearly as I can.

Often when recalling these thoughts I find God in the midst of it all.I can either see Him working during that time in my life or remember something I learned about Him during that time. Memories like these mean a lot to me because it reminds me of God’s faithfulness and omniscience. Recording it also allows be to remember further back into my life.

I encourage you to spend some time reviewing old memories and writing them down. If you like, think on them more and see what insights you can gain from them. Or you can simply sit back and enjoy reliving those happy old days in your mind. 🙂


What Do You Think?

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