Journaling: Freewriting

The easiest way to ease into a flow of writing is to free write. Relax and delve into your mind and whatever comes to your mind, write it down. Don’t worry if it’s something completely wacky or random. This is an exercise to free up your mind so you can think clearly.Do this for about 3-5 minutes.

Now, when your mind is bringing up random thoughts, you can look at what you wrote and expand on an interesting thought. Follow that train until you can’t think of anything more on the subject. Then pick another topic and continue the exercise. Doing this for several days will loosen up your mind and allow you to write more freely. Tap into your thoughts and let the pen flow. Don’t worry if you can’t write fast enough; the more you practice, the faster you’ll get. 😛

Remember to practice as much as you can!


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