Journaling: Prayer

A good way to begin your journaling journey is to write to God. Tell Him what you wish to achieve in your journal. What goals you want to accomplish in life. What desires you have. What questions you want answered. Talk to God as you would if you spoke it. But talk to Him. This helps you focus on why you are journaling in the first place (assuming you journal for spiritual growth and self-discovery). It also helps you later to see what questions God answered, where God worked in your life and provided for your needs. It is a great way to measure your growth as well. Plus, it strengthens your relationship with your Father — and that is worth it all. 😛

Write a humorous letter to God, telling Him about a funny recent incident. Bring a Bible verse or passage before Him and ask Him to show you what it means. Pour out your pain to God. Whatever you write is okay, since we each have our own way of talking with our Lord. He justs wants to talk to you! And you can see His replies later when you look back and read these prayers and entries that answer them. Wouldn’t that be great?


What Do You Think?

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