Journaling: Getting Started

So, you’re interested in journaling, but don’t know where to begin. Don’t worry! I felt the same way when I started writing in mine. It took a while getting used to writing down how I felt, but once I did, I never regretted it. 😛

#1 The Journal

The journal you write in can have, to some degree, effect on your writing. I have heard of many journal types, ranging from cheap and simple spiral-bound notebooks to expensive, high-quality, elaborate volumes. For the beginning journaler, I suggest a cheaper notebook. Most people would be so careful about writing in a higher-quality, expensive book that it ruins the purpose of journaling in the first place. I personally use hard-bound composition books, which I find easy to buy and store together. Since I choose different designs or decorate my notebooks,  each one is unique. I have also given them names to spiff up the empty spaces in the front cover. 😛 But if you do choose to have more expensive journals, make sure you are comfortable making mistakes in them, as journaling is supposed to help one be honest with themselves and their feelings. The last option is to type it up on your computer. Make sure you have a folder where you can organize your entries in the sequence you prefer!

#2 Reason

It’s a good idea to reflect on why you want to keep a journal. Do you desire to grow in your spiritual life? To deal with your past? To know the Lord more intimately? Whatever your reason, write it down on the first page of your journal. Also list your goals, as they will give you direction when you have nothing to write about. Looking back on my goals and reasons, I can see what goals I have achieved and how much I’ve grown. It’s very encouraging! 🙂

#3 Commitment

When are you going to journal? Do you need to make a commitment to writing on a regular basis? If so, it may be a good idea to set aside time every day or week or some other regular interval for writing. Remember, excuses like “not enough time” aren’t going to get you anywhere. You will always have time for items on your priority list. 😀

#4 Privacy

A BIG reason why many people are reluctant to journal is the fear of the journal being found and its contents revealed. It is a valid excuse, but if certain measurements are taken the chances of your journal being picked up and read aren’t very high. Some options include placing your journal in a location where you can lock it up, or disguise it by putting it next to books of similar appearance. I personally keep my journals at my bedside under a pile of blankets and such. I can read them before I fall asleep. My current one I simply tuck into the end of my bookshelves where it is highly unlikely someone will see it. Other options include keeping it in your car, in a drawer, in your desk, in your backpack, among your schoolbooks, and other personal locations. But please PLEASE remember where you left them xD


What Do You Think?

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